Abundant Grace Church started in January 2020. We are a house church. What does “house church” mean? It means that each Sunday we meet in a different member’s home for worship. Isn’t that kind of odd? Well, it was a little strange at the beginning, sure. But it has actually been a refreshing, freeing, and an incredibly spirit filled endeavor. In fact, in the year of Covid, the house church structure has been a blessing. And actually, the house church is very traditional; it was the way the earliest Christians met and worshiped Jesus Christ.

So, click the link to our YouTube channel, watch our service when posted later Sunday evening. Or contact us if you are going to be in the neighborhood, we’d love to share the Word and Sacrament in person!


We meet and worship every Sunday at 10 AM in the homes of various members. This changes each Sunday. We also have a weekly Bible Study through Zoom and the time various. For information about our meeting places, please contact us, and we’ll be in touch. You’re Welcome to worship and study with us!

Join us in welcoming our counsel members

Steve Fogle

Mike Dunn

Eric Montes

Mary Higgs

Ruth Flath